How to make the perfect vegan-friendly lunch for your busy life

In a world where most people are eating more meat, the vegan movement is on the rise.

And the trend is making a comeback.

The following are some tips for making vegan-friendlier meals for busy, busy people.


Pick one of the top-selling protein-rich foods that you like to eat.

Vegan burgers and salads are popular options, but there’s also plenty of protein in soy milk, soy protein powder, and other proteins like tofu, tempeh, tempph, tofu-lentil, and soy-based soups.

The key is choosing a meat-free meal that is easy to digest and tastes good.


Try to make a few vegetarian options a daily habit.

Vegans tend to have a healthier lifestyle and want to eat fewer, if any, meat-containing meals a day, says Lisa Whelan, an assistant professor of nutrition at the University of South Florida.

So a vegetarian lunch can help make that a daily goal.


Limit the amount of cheese, sour cream, or other dairy-based items.

Many vegetarians eat less dairy and use less processed, high-fat foods like dairy-free yogurt, cheeses, and ice cream.

Plus, the dairy products in many of the processed, fat-filled foods are high in sugar and calories, so they can be very calorie dense.


Try incorporating some healthy protein into your meals.

Veggans typically eat more protein-packed foods like tofu and tempehs, which have a lot of proteins in them, Whelaan says.

So you can include some protein in a meal or snack if you’re trying to lose weight.

And a vegan lunch can also be a great way to include some plant-based options, like chickpeas and quinoa.


Consider substituting meat-based meals for protein-heavy ones.

Veggan-friendly vegetarian meals are often made with lentils and beans, but you can also make vegan-loved vegetarian meals with rice or lentils, says Sarah Bauchner, a certified personal trainer and nutritionist based in Los Angeles.

She recommends adding some lentils to a salad or serving dish like a vegetable bowl.

That way, the protein is more readily available for the whole family.


Make the vegan burger and salad a meal at a time.

Many vegans choose to make an entire meal at once, so a vegan burger is best consumed one at a of the many fast-food restaurants that offer vegan burgers, says Whelans.

She suggests starting with a salad and adding more as the day goes on.

But if you do decide to go vegetarian, you might want to stick with a vegan-themed burger and/or salad.

You might also want to try a vegan chili burger and veggie burger, Wheims says.


Limit meat consumption.

The more you eat of any meat-derived food, the more you’ll be consuming.

So if you want to be a vegan, you’ll want to limit meat consumption as much as possible.

Try not to eat meat altogether, especially if you are vegan, W Helans says.

And while some vegans may be sensitive to meat, many others can handle it without much problem.

“People who are sensitive to animal products may want to reduce the amount they eat,” Whelas says.

“But most vegans are very sensitive to other animal products.”


Make sure you have enough protein.

A veggie-friendly diet can include plenty of plant-protein-rich meals.

So while you may be tempted to skip out on a protein-laden lunch or snack, don’t be tempted.

You can add more protein to your meals by mixing up your protein-filled meals.

You’ll be able to enjoy a hearty veggie or vegetarian meal with lots of veggies, WHelans says, adding that you can substitute some protein from other plant-food sources with animal-derived foods if you have the time.


Consider trying a veggie sandwich.

Vegs tend to prefer vegetarian foods because of the variety of plant foods in them.

So try a veggy sandwich if you like a meat sandwich or meat-like dish.

Whels recommends the chickpea and lentil-based vegan chicken salad that you might see at restaurants in California, Washington, and New York.

You may also like to try one of Whel’s vegan grilled cheese sandwiches.

The lentil and chickpean sandwich can be stuffed with chicken or other meats and topped with fresh tomatoes or herbs.

The chickpeasant sandwich can also serve as a side dish with a veg-friendly salad or soup.


Consider getting vegan health tips.

The best way to keep your diet healthy and prevent heart disease, cancer, and diabetes is to eat plant- and animal-based foods that contain protein and fiber.

So make sure to choose vegan- and vegetarian-friendly foods that are high-protein, low-carb

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