Why a chicken sandwich is the new ‘meatball’

What if you can’t eat a chicken in a steak and fries, but still enjoy a hearty lunch?

That’s what Thomas Snack Machine, a restaurant in downtown Seattle, is trying to do with its chicken sandwich.

The sandwich is one of a handful of restaurants to offer vegetarian options.

They come with a variety of protein-packed items, such as chickpeas, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, tofu, and more.

And while the chicken is a staple at the company, it’s also part of the sandwich’s appeal, said owner Thomas Snell.

“I really love the fact that we’re not going to try and replace the chicken with another type of protein,” he said.

“We’re trying to create something that we think is good for you, but you can also have something that you can eat with your dinner.”

The chicken, which Snell says costs $9.99 per sandwich, comes from a farm that’s been growing organically for decades.

It’s grown in a greenhouse and fed with organic grains, peas, and soybean meal.

Snell said he’s been able to find chickens with “no bones in their meat” that don’t get sick, and some that he’s managed to get to eat with bone meal.

Snell said the chicken has a higher protein than chicken wings or burgers.

And he also says it tastes better than regular chicken.

The menu features three different protein options: turkey, beef, and vegetarian options, and a “protein-packed salad.”

The sandwich is made with ground chicken, beef or pork, and topped with a chicken-flavored lettuce, tomato, and cheese bun.

Snellen said the menu items can vary depending on the restaurant.

“We’re going to keep things simple, but the ingredients are pretty versatile,” he told ABC News.

“Anything you want, you can make it in your kitchen.”

For more information on Thomas Snacks, check out their website, facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or instagram.com/thesnackmachine.

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