The Real Housewives of Orange County: What’s in the Snack Bar

The Real Houseswives of Oaxaca star and former Oaxacan president Rodrigo “Papa Doc” Dela Rosa is suing his former employer for alleged sexual harassment, assault and breach of fiduciary duty.

Dela Rosa filed the lawsuit Tuesday against the family of the Orange County town of Caguas, where he was a community leader and then president of the city council.

In the lawsuit, Dela Garcia claims he was fired for complaining about the lack of police and fire protection.

The lawsuit says he was also “forced to attend a mass church service at which he witnessed a woman being sexually assaulted by her husband,” according to a copy of the complaint obtained by National Review.

“Papa Dela’s conduct, in which he subjected Ms. Garcia to acts of sexual violence and humiliation, and the fact that he allowed Ms. García to remain in Caguos residence during the alleged assault and harassment of Ms. Caguadas children, was unlawful and without the slightest justification,” the lawsuit says.

The Los Angeles Times said Dela Rosales alleged sexual and verbal harassment by his wife.

The lawsuit says the couple’s children were “disproportionately impacted by the alleged sexual violence, and were subjected to constant harassment by their father.”

Dela Rosas allegations against Dela Dela came after the former president was elected in March.

He’s accused of sexual harassment by women he mentored, according to the Times.

He denied the allegations and said they are false.

The woman accused Dela and his wife of rape and sexual assault.

The Oaxacans were in a major economic slump before the 2016 election, according, with some businesses closing or shutting down.

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