How to get a ‘dazzling’ Halloween costume in one week

A Halloween party at the home of a NSW mother will soon be getting a new look with the arrival of a new party-themed snack.

The snack was announced by the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries (DPI) on Wednesday, but the first batches of the “Dazzling Halloween” snacks will be made in October.

The snack is made with cocoa powder, coconut flour and honey, which is a blend of the two ingredients, which was first revealed in the 2016 Halloween party in NSW.

The snacks will not only be available for the homebuyers, but also for the guests who want to enjoy the “dazzled” party.

They will be available at the NSW Department of Industry, Trade and Employment (DIITE), which is located in Sydney’s inner north and will house the snacks at a cost of $9.50 per person.

“We are very excited to announce this new exciting snack for the people of NSW, and are looking forward to sharing it with the entire community,” DIITE CEO Peter Storr said.

“The new snack is a true celebration of the holiday, and we hope that the new flavours and the exciting new look will attract more families to our event.”

The new party snacks will cost $11.50 each and can be purchased online or by calling DIITEs Sydney branch.

The department will distribute the “cocoa powder” to local retailers in November.

“In the event of a flood or other emergency, we encourage our retailers to stock these Dazzling Chocolate Candies in their stores to help people prepare for the flood or emergency,” Mr Storr told ABC Radio Sydney.

“If you buy Dazzle Chocolate Candied Snacks online from DIITES NSW, you can also receive an extra 10% discount when you buy your package online through our website.”

The Dazzlening Halloween party will begin at 7pm on October 30, and will include food and drinks, a costume contest, and a “dancing workshop”.

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