The Official ‘DAMON SNACKS’ podcast

#DAMonSnacks has been running since 2012 and has a strong following.

It is a weekly podcast that brings listeners the latest news, analysis, and conversation about Irish rugby.

#DamanSnacks is a show you won’t want to miss.

#IrishRugby — Irish Rugby (@irishrugby) June 26, 2019 #DamusSNACKS has a massive following and is now being re-launched as a podcast, the first of which will be released on Tuesday.

We’ve been delighted to bring you the show’s first podcast since it launched in 2012.

You’ll be able to find it on the show website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.

Listeners will be able catch up on the news, commentary, and discussions of Irish rugby on the podcast, which will also include podcasts and live chats with coaches and players.

Here’s a brief guide to what you’ll hear: -What’s going on in Ireland?

-The Rugby World Cup 2019 in France, England, Wales and Scotland will be played from August 7 to 10.

The main event will be the Rugby World Champions Trophy, which Ireland will host.

-Ireland will face a formidable challenge from the USA and England.

-Rugster will be looking to win back the Six Nations title after losing it in 2019.

-There are a number of exciting games on offer in 2019 and it’s expected to be a great season.

-The Irish Rugby Rugby Academy is also back with new coaching and development programmes.

-Cameron Byrne has signed a new contract with the Irish Rugby Sevens team and is on the lookout for a new team to join him.

-We’ll also be looking for a fresh voice to lead the Irish rugby side after the departure of Sean Cronin.

-Who is featured on the Podcast?

-Dan McEnroe, the former England captain, is the co-host.

He has previously worked for the Rugby News website and he’s now an editor at Rugby World.

-Daryl Seale, who played for Connacht and Ulster, has been on the Irish Sevens squad and is a member of the coaching team.

He will be joined by a number the other podcasters, including former England lock Rory O’Brien and Ireland international Sean O’Neill.

-Ben Creagh will be in the Irish squad as an assistant coach and will be a consultant coach.

-Michael Smith, who was a member for two seasons at Leicester and a member at Wasps, will be bringing his experience to the podcast.

-John O’Callaghan will be joining the Irish coaching team and he will be assisted by former Irish Rugby player and team member Kevin O’Malley.

-Mark Coker will be returning to the Irish team as a player and he’ll be joined on the pod by former Ireland player and member of Connacht, Michael Byrne.

-Luke Smith, an experienced Irish coach, is in the pod and he and Dave Kilcoyne will be helping out with the podcast’s interviews.

-Paul Coughlan will be on the same team as former England hooker and current Connacht player Paul Williams.

-Jack McGrath, who won two Six Nations titles with the Dragons, will also be part of the podcast as a member.

-David McKeown will be taking over as the host of the show and will give his first live interview since he joined the Irish side as a coach in 2015.

-Matt Kearney will be part-time coach and former Ireland captain, but he’ll also provide analysis.

-Joan Horan will be involved in the podcast and will provide commentary.

-It’s always great to have a new voice on the side of Irish Rugby, especially in a time when the current coaching staff have to deal with a number issues that were discussed during the Six-a-side era.

The Irish Rugby Development Programme will be back in place and the podcast will continue to follow it.

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