Why you shouldn’t eat blue snacks for breakfast

If you’ve ever tried to eat blue chips at work, you’ll know the urge to get a slice of cheese and some scrambled eggs.

But there’s a new trend emerging in Australia that you’ll find on the shelves of supermarkets and convenience stores that has you wanting to try something new for breakfast.

It’s called blue snacks and it’s not what you’d expect.

“They’re like little blue snacks, they’re very nutritious, you can eat them all day long, they don’t have a lot of calories,” says Laura Whitehead from The Healthy Life Institute, a leading Australian food and health research organisation.

“It’s just a delicious treat, really good for you, and they’re not super high in sugar.”

There are a number of brands that make blue snacks in Australia and many, such as The Health Superstore, offer flavours such as mint, mint tea and apple cider vinegar.

Some of the products you might find in the Superstore range include: Blue Snack Bars: these are a good snack with a blue-chip ingredient.

Blue Snacks and Blue-chip Peanut Butter: a good breakfast alternative to regular chips.

Blue-Chip Banana: a great banana flavour.

Blue Ice Bars: they are a great way to snack on a cold morning.

Blue Chips: a nice, crispy snack with blue cheese.

Blue Peanut-and-Bacon Bars: a really healthy snack with an extra banana.

“There are several companies that are creating and selling products that are made with a whole range of ingredients, including ingredients like almond butter, peanut butter, chocolate, hazelnuts, and other nuts,” says Whitehead.

“If you look around the grocery store, you will find blue chips, blue bars, blue cheese, blue granola, blue muffins, and blue smoothies all have a blue chip ingredient.”

The Healthy Food Institute advises consumers to eat a healthy breakfast without eating a huge amount of junk food.

It also recommends that adults avoid using chips and cereals for breakfast, and that they try to stay away from junk food and processed food.

“What I would say to people is, if you want to start off your day with a healthy meal, you need to start with a really good healthy breakfast,” says Dr Whitehead, who is also the chief executive of the Australian Society of Nutrition.

“The only time you should have a breakfast that is super high carb, super high fat, super unhealthy is if you’re doing a double-duty and a breakfast for lunch.”

Dr Whitefoot says that breakfast is often a bit of a compromise, with the healthy options taking a bit longer to get you going.

“People tend to eat more in the morning, and then they want to have a big breakfast that’s a healthy option, and you don’t want to be eating a big, greasy breakfast,” she says.

The Healthy Living Institute’s Dr Whiteheads latest research is based on a random sample of over 400 adults in Australia.

“We’re looking at whether there’s any difference in the amount of energy people consume at different stages of the day, with breakfast being a particularly high energy meal,” she said.

“For example, if someone’s already eating breakfast, it’s likely they’re already having a big impact on their body, so there’s less opportunity to gain weight.”

Dr Laura Whiteheads research also suggests that breakfast should be a time of rest.

“You don’t need to be running or working too hard to get out of bed,” she adds.

“Breakfast is probably one of the best times to eat because it’s a restorative meal, so you don’ have to do any heavy lifting.”

The healthiest breakfast options are usually a healthy treat with a Blue Chip ingredient.

Dr Laura is also a co-author of a new study looking at the effects of the new blue snack bars and blue-chips on weight loss and health.

She says that the research, published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, suggests that blue snacks have a significant impact on the health of the body and the pancreas.

“Our research shows that a whole lot of the benefits that you would get from eating a healthy snack are in terms of reducing your body weight and reducing your waist size,” she explains.

“So, it really does make a big difference to how much you eat and how much your body uses.”

Dr Whithead says that when you go out for a walk, or you just have a few minutes with friends, you might want to consider trying something new.

“But when you’re on a plane, or a train, or something else that’s going to be really stressful and busy, you really need to think about what you’re eating, and what the impact is on your body,” she advises.

“I think you should really be thinking about whether it’s healthy for you to be out there for a couple of minutes or two minutes and have a good break, and really think about the impact it’s having on your health

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