How to eat healthy sweet treats

How do you enjoy healthy sweet and savory snacks?

The next time you are on a train or bus, don’t skip the snacks.

That’s because there is good news: there are healthy sweet, savory and salty snacks out there.

These snacks are all packed with healthy fats and carbs, which makes them the perfect snack to boost energy and keep you full.

Here are the four best snacks to keep you feeling full and energized.


Pudding and cereal for energy Pudding is a popular snack that is loaded with fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals.

If you want to get your carbs from the other snacks on the menu, then this is a good option.

There are also plenty of healthy fats to snack on, including palm oil, coconut oil, walnut oil and almond oil.


Almond butter for energy This almond butter is loaded full of healthy carbs and low-glycemic carbs.

The fat in almond butter helps to keep the body from gaining weight and keeps the blood sugar levels at normal.


Protein shake for energy The protein shake has a protein rich flavor, so it’s perfect for those looking for a snack that’s low in fat and protein.


Macadamia nuts for energy Macadamias are known to have a healthy fat content, and you can use these nuts to add some healthy fats.

They are rich in potassium, which is a great way to increase your energy levels.

3 Macadamdos are loaded with potassium and fiber.

This is also a good snack to add to a smoothie.

4 Macadahas are loaded full with protein and healthy carbs.

Healthy fats are the key to keeping your blood sugar and weight healthy.

3 Almond nuts are loaded high in potassium and low in sugar.

They also have a low glycemic index, which means that they will not cause you to gain weight or develop type 2 diabetes.

This makes them an excellent snack for those who want to add a healthy dose of carbs.

1 Almond milk for energy A great way of filling your stomach is to add an almond milk to a salad, a smoothies or a cereal.

These foods are loaded low in calories and packed with fiber.

You can even add it to your smoothies if you are not a fan of cereal or milk.

2 Almond bars are loaded and packed full of fiber.

They provide you with an additional fiber-rich source of calories and are also loaded with healthy carbs that are not available in most snack bars.

These bars are also packed with antioxidants, which are a key to lowering your risk of heart disease.

3 Whole grain cereals are loaded of fiber and protein, which help to keep your blood sugars in check.

4 Almonds are loaded rich in protein and fiber, which keep you fuller longer.

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