What to do with your carb-heavy snacks

I’ve been asked a lot of questions about how I manage my carb-hungry snack habit.

Some people ask how to get rid of some of my favourite snacks.

Others want to know if there are any other ways to reduce their carb load.

For me, these are all good questions.

I think there are lots of good answers to those questions and the only way to find out is to try them.

So, without further ado, here’s what to do if you’re a carb-intolerant person, or if you have questions about this or any other topic, feel free to drop me a line.


Check your carbs to see if they’re low and/or if you can cut them down.

A quick test: Check out this list of carb-loaded foods you can use to cut down on carbs.

It lists foods like cereals, breads, cookies, candy, rice and pasta.

If you can eat a whole meal for 20 minutes without consuming any carbs, it’s a good idea to cut them back.

The list is here: http://www.vegandiet.com/carb-hunger-cheat-sheet/calories-and-fats-carb-candy-dessert-diet-cheat.html 2.

Find out what you can and can’t eat for your next meal.

Many people try to limit their carb intake in one day to avoid the dreaded carb cravings.

However, there’s a better way: try to cut back for at least two or three days before you eat something.

For example, I’d cut my carb intake for two days and then eat a lot.

The idea is to make the carb cusotmptoms worse so you can get the craving back.


Find a way to eat less when you have a carb craving.

I’ve found that I often overeat at a dinner party, when I’m really hungry and need something quick.

So I’ll put my food down for a couple of hours and eat it again a couple hours later.

I usually eat the leftover food right after I eat my meal.

This is known as a “meal-resting” strategy.

It’s really effective at reducing your carb crescendos, so if you do this, you can actually cut down your carb intake and enjoy a lot less carb cussies.


Keep a diary of your carb use and what you eat.

I have a pretty strict eating plan.

I eat as many snacks as I can in the time I have available.

I’ll eat all my vegetables and fruits and my protein shakes are just about everything else.

My carb-hating days can sometimes be like this: lunch, dinner, snack, breakfast, snack again.

It might be tempting to skip meals, but the truth is that I’d rather have an unhealthy eating habit and a low-carb one than a healthy one and a high-carbone.


Find the right foods.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty obsessed with food, so I really don’t mind eating less when I have an carb craving, even if it means not having all of my favorite snacks.

Here’s a list of some food that are low in carbs: chips, rice, pasta, rice cakes, rice porridge, granola bars, fruit juice, sweetened tea, ice cream, milk, water, pasta sauce, pasta noodles, pasta meatballs, pasta soup, pasta salad, pasta dressing, pasta tortellini, and pasta salad sauce.

The only thing I don, I won’t eat when I need to get a lot done and when I can get it without worrying about carbs.

But it’s not always the case.


Avoid processed foods.

Many of us like to eat more nutritious, tasty foods like whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables.

But when we’re going out to eat, there are other food options we can consider.

Here are some good ones to consider: raw food, whole-grain pasta, pasta sauces, gluten-free pasta, baked pasta, low-sodium chicken noodle soups, low fat vegetable and grain pasta, soy-free vegetables, raw rice, and plant-based protein.

You can also go gluten- or nut-free with these and eat them all.

But for the most part, the best thing to do is eat less.


Know your carbs.

You want to make sure you have your carb counting low and to be eating a low carb diet.

I know I do.

But here are some other tips I’ve heard.

1) Check your carb levels before you go to the store.

You may have noticed that you don’t really have a clear idea of how much carbs you’re eating or how much you’re consuming.

There’s no magic number, but you can try to find it out.

Take a look at this list: http:

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